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I would like to participate in the learn digital skills innitiative


Hi  @David_Chaviano 

My name is Cauê, i am from Brazil and i fit in the following categories for the SAP digital skills program:

  • People in remote or underserved locations that may be not have access to the same economic opportunities as their urban or more privileged counterparts  (I was born and live in Alagoas, which is the poorest Brazilian state with a per capita GDP of only 187 USD)
  • Minorities who may not have equal opportunity in their geographic location (People from Northeast Brazil suffer discrimination in richer areas of Brasil due to our local culture, leaving us with fewer economic opportunities )


Despite the hardships i have always had an interest for technology and coding, but i always felt lost about what tech i should study and if that knowledge could really improve my life. That's why i would be very interested and willing to persue  the Software Development learning journey, more specifically learning about the S4/HANA ecosystem, and  ABAP.

Best regards





Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @caue_lira ,

Thank you for sharing your story. An invite is on its way!

You can begin searching for learning journeys here.