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Future Skills in Techture of SAP Learning Insights Podcast

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Dear Beginner Corner Community,

“Educate and inspire” – This is what we are doing in the SAP University Alliances. There are almost unlimited resources to learn, develop and go beyond. In addition, there is now learning2go available for your earsl through the mini-series Techture of the SAP Learning Insights Podcast. In the first season it is all about Future Skills.



To give you inspiration and guidance, my co-host David and I go into insightful discussion with students, that are sharing their tips, tricks and experiences in an identifiable way, and experts that are already going their way in this world and nevertheless keep learning and evolving.

“Future Skills?”, you might or may not say. They empower you personally as well as enable you to tackle complex problems and are essential to equip you with the necessary tools to face future challenges. Of course, developing these skills are a lot connected to digital, leadership and communication skills, but to gain future skills a lot of lessons have to be learned within yourself.



Future Skills are defined and named differently, but a study by MCKinsey got a great visual, that puts it in an understandable picture. There are 4 main categories of skills and attitudes (yes, Future Skills are also attitudes).

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Self-Leadership Skills
  • Digital Skills

Depending on the perspective, people would state out some skills to be fundamental and others build up on them. Personally, I have come to the point that I would state self-leadership to be the basis of growth and the rest depends on this basis.

And last but not least: Future Skills should not only make you more employable. They enable you personally and in your private life beyond your professional life as well.

Want to know more? Join our journey on the road of Future Skills and connect with us!