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End-to-End Business Processes for the Intelligent Enterprise


I started my learning Journey with end to end Business processes for Intelligent Enterprise, what started as an exciting journey for me soon began to feel a bit ambitious, this was because i was combining studying with going into the office to do my day's job. 

However I did not let that deter me I kept on studying and what seemed like a huge mountain before is now looking very achievable. There are 8 units  in this learning Journey that I embarked upon and the unit 3 "Performing the Record-to-Report Process, Focusing on Financial and Management Accounting" was a bit of a challenge for me or so i thought until i got to the quiz section of the unit and got all the answers right. This got me very excited and i decided to put this note out there for everyone studying to achieve a certification; keep studying, and even when you think you are not taking in anything you would be shocked at the end of the day at how much you have assimilated.

So keep up the good work and see you at the top.




Keep up the great job Mabel, that is the spirit. 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Well done @mabeluagbale ! I hope you got a lot out of the course!

If you are interested, I will send you an invitation to our digital skills initiative!

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Hi David, please do I am very interested thank you very much.