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Digital skills initiative


Hello SAP World!

My name is Nelia (female), I'm 23 years old and I'm willing to expand my knowledge regarding SAP. I'm originally from Ukraine but have been living in Poland for a year and a half. 
My journey with SAP started from ERP when I was 20 at my first job. I was automating the process of creating invoices for our branch and to be honest, I had no special knowledge of it. I just tried and tried different approaches, also I was collecting information from colleagues and different Internet forums. And we got the result. Also, I was testing if the process works accordingly for our department (logistics) when we had the phase of updating it. It was exciting and I found it interesting to expand my knowledge.

I was forced to move to another country and here my new role (Procurement) requires a lot of work with SAP Ariba. We work with Ariba a lot and sometimes are required to guide/help our Suppliers to go through it and sometimes it can be challenging.

I enjoy working with SAP products as they help to automate business processes and keep all needed data in one place. Also, they're well-known worldwide so it helps in cooperation. I would be happy to expand my knowledge, get familiar with the products closer, and be ready to improve processes. That's why I'm willing to participate in the Digital skills initiative and be certified!

Thank you, Nelia


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @nellyl ,

Thanks for writing! Invite sent. Best of luck onboarding with Ariba.