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Corporate applicants to the digital skills initiative: Tell us your story!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Note: Pre-existing SAP professionals within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) will no longer be considered for this initiative. The share of free certifications distributed to professionals within the Middle East and North Africa has been high and the remaining certifications will be now be reserved for newcomers to the SAP ecosystem. 

Campaign code redemption requests from MENA will no longer be accepted.  Newcomers from MENA are asked to sign up as instructed below, then present their first name, last name, street address and national ID number along with their SAP Learning Journey completion to to receive their free certification attempt. Thank you for understanding.


Hi all,

The digital skills initiative is primarily aimed toward people generally considered to be "underrepresented" in the technology industry. The definition of "underrepresented" can vary from region to region, but as the name betrays it is generally groups of people not normally associated with tech jobs in your local area. The reasons behind can range from a lack of access to high level education due to living in a remote area to systemic inequality in a particular region. 

For those corporate applicants to the initiative who did make it into the tech industry: we want to hear a bit more about you! Share some inspiration for the newcomers to the SAP ecosystem and tell us why you belong to an underrepresented group in tech and how you made your way into the industry despite that.

We want to hear from you! Share your story as a reply to the discussion below, then send me a private message with your email address. If you are a digital skills initiative applicant who already completed a learning journey, I will send you your free certification attempt. 

Note: if you do not yet have a username in the SAP Community, see the demo at the bottom of this blog in order to participate.



Dear @David_Chaviano  ,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to request a free SAP certification code as a 2020 graduate who faced challenges in securing employment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the difficult job market at the time, I had to delay my career entry.

I believe that obtaining this free certification will significantly enhance my qualifications and prospects in the job market, particularly in the field of SAP. This opportunity would greatly contribute to my career development and help me achieve my professional goals.

I kindly request your support in providing me with the certification code, which will not only aid my personal growth but also enable me to make a meaningful contribution to the SAP community.

Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to your favorable response.


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hello @David_Chaviano ,

I come across to SAP field for few years and realize the importance of self learning and self growth. SAP's digital skill initiatives programs play a vital role in addressing the digital skills gap and empowering individuals and organizations to embrace the opportunities presented by the digital future.

Looking forward for more exciting learning journey.please give this opportunity


Thanks @ Regards


HI David

I am a Computer Software Engineer graduate and have been working as a Technical and Functional Support on Applications e.g. Court Records Management System and world like to learn SAP as its the future. I'm interested to join the beginners corner and looking forward to learn more about SAP and develop my career.

SAP is a widely used enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that helps businesses manage various aspects of their operations, such as finance, logistics, human resources, and more. Learning SAP will be advantageous for several reasons to me like;

Career Opportunities: SAP is used by numerous businesses globally. Learning SAP will help open up various career opportunities for me in roles such as SAP consultant, SAP analyst, or SAP developer. I look forward to starting my journey with SAP now.



Hello from Argentina.

I am Matias, a 25-year-old accounting student approaching graduation.

I always loved the idea of working with organizations, automatization of processes and the need for the optimal structure to make the organization work flawlessly in any situation. It motivated me to start an accounting career here in Argentina.

I'm currently doing administrative work in a rather small company where the need to provide solutions and the responsibility to manage the flow of information falls into my hands. A responsibility that I love, but where I'm also quite inexperienced, as my career although focused on business and administration it doesn't give me the practical knowledge to understand the tools the world provides us.

I found myself working on complex formulas for Google sheet, integrating different solutions on the cloud, designing small apps for the business, creating macros and scripts, and looking for a way to structure the internal processes in a way that errors can be minimized, data can be secured, privacy is guaranteed and the most important resource "time" is used more efficiently. I have deep knowledge of technology but no skills whatsoever in programming as I followed my passion for management and administration.

As the years went by I realized that most of the customized solutions that I would daydream to implement in a business needed knowledge in programming. That initial thought was kind of depressing for my professional objectives as a young student.

The interesting thing in Argentina is that most ERP, CRM or most business solutions are prebuilt for specific purposes. The market in Argentina is quite diverse but the precense of strong competitors such as SAP, Microsoft, or Oracle in the Argentinian market is low compared to other countries and present mostly in the international companies that happen to work in the country.

When I found out about SAP, I fell in love, It has the potential to do everything and the possibility to master it knowing it that its the only tool that will be needed to suffice the needs of every business. The idea of building my career and acquiring deep technical knowledge around SAP is probably one of the few things in my life that I'm 100% sure of doing. And I'm immensely motivated.

I feel that I'm at the right time to start my career around SAP, to be able to implement it and be one of the key actors in the growth of SAP in Argentina in the many years to come.

It's very exciting. So I leave this introduction as I start my professional path in here.

I'm just starting and obviously not ready yet for any kind of certification. The current economic situation in my country doesn't help the to chances of acquiring the Exam attempts anyways, but I hope that when I'm ready, I can get the opportunity to obtain one or to be able to participate in any of the new initiatives from SAP.


Dear  @David_Chaviano  ,I want to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to enhance my career path. As a junior FICO consultant with a background in ABAP development, I am eager to become more competitive in the market. Kindly note that my email address is you once again for considering my request.Best regards.


Hello David,
As a fresher I have always dream of becoming an SAP consultant.I would like to take the opportunity to join the Digital Skills Initiative to take on a new life challenge by starting my career in exciting world of SAP technology. I think this certification would help to upgrade my professional career and my skills. So, I would like to use this opportunity to enhance my career in SAP . 



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I am looking to upgrade my skills in new technologies of SAP like BTP, RAP, CAP etc. 


Shilpi Gupta

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Hi David_Chaviano,

I've faced barriers coming from an underrepresented group in tech, but through determination and resilience, I've carved a path into the industry.  Currently I'm learning Data Science through SAP and hoping to work with SAP as an Analyst.

Thank you, 

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Hi @David_Chaviano 

Graduated in Electronics and Communication Department, initially i suffered to get a job in sap field. Then taken a course on sap and joined as a consultant. i hope this free certification will help me in improving my skill set. so, please help me with this.


Thanks & Regards

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Hi @David_Chaviano 

I did Master's degree in Accounting and costing , and during start of the carrier i was working as a teacher for 1 year , then started to work as Warehouse supervisor for 3 years. It was an opportunity to enter into SAP via SAP Implementation by trusted partner which help me to know more about what is SAP and how SAP can support business to run their operation smoothly.  After couple of implementation , i finally worked as SAP consultant with E2E , rollout and support for MM initially and now working for procurement and warehouse and transport area.Seeing current trend , i would like a suggestion and which certification might be help to support business in their growth journey.

Thanks for your answer already.

Kind regards


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I have completed my BCA ,MCA and found a SAP internship program in India where as i picked to be as full time employee but now it is a career break of almost 6 year (marriage, pregnancy ) wanted to start my career as SAP consultant , this certification will help me get more opportunities in the coming future.



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Hello @David_Chaviano ,

I am writing to express my sincere interest in obtaining a certification opportunity that would enable me to restart my career in the technology industry following a period of maternity leave. As a woman who identifies as underrepresented in the technology sector and has faced challenges due to limited access to advanced education opportunities, I am reaching out to request consideration for being eligible for a free certification opportunity.

Thank you for considering my request. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to potentially embark on this transformative journey toward career fulfillment.