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Changing Career: How & where do I start my career in SAP FICO


Hi everyone, I'm planning to change career after about 20years in Life Science profession. I found SAP FICO module useful based on my knowledge and proficient certificate earned in Management SAP S/4HANA Finance. Any learning guide or useful tips to become a SAP FICO consultant are welcome. In addition, I'm also giving Quality Management a consideration because of my background EWM - Quality Management .  I look forward to receiving guidance, tips and to connect to SAP Mentors SAP Mentors , Thank you!

localization as a self-service for SAP S/4HANA Cloud  SAP Quality Issue Management 


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Hi @F_M 
I came across one FICO Consultant on LinkedIn who always shares about SAP Fico Module Related Items:

LinkedIn Profile: (1) Daniel Mateo | LinkedIn 

Recent Post : 
#SAPFI Overview about #ArtificialIntelligence in #Finance with SAP products

For More Information: use the below sites
Free SAP Online Courses | SAP Learning
SAP Tutorial Navigator | Tutorials for SAP Developers
All Questions in FIN (Finance) | SAP Community (Finance tag in  community, where you can find many SCN People, Questions, blogs etc..)

Thank You,
Suggu Sandeep.

@SugguSandeepThank you for the insights!

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@SugguSandeep Thank you for sharing!

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Remember in S/4HANA "FICO" is together

I think it helps to have a background in Accounting and bookkeeping when using the FI and CO modules.  

Of course I am a fan of the SAP Press books, anything by Janet Salmon is useful.

Have you already taken the free learning at

Good luck

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@TammyPowlas. Thank you for the response. Please, can you share the link to SAP Pressbooks SAP Document Presentment by OpenText for SAP S/4HANA ? So I can look out for Janet Salmon.

I have not taken any free learning. Thank to@SugguSandeep for sharing the link. I will check and take some course.

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Thank you for sharing