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Some time ago I decided to recommend a video on useful Linux commands for any Basis administrator. At the time, I was replied by @David_Chaviano, who is an SAP expert and is actively involved in topics related to introducing beginners to the world of SAP. Meanwhile, David was explaining what SAP Basis is. Discussion with him inspired me to have some thoughts....

I started thinking about what was initially the biggest challenge when starting to learn SAP Basis. I came to the conclusion that the most difficult thing was to combine SAP's numerous technical mechanisms into a whole. It has to be said that the architecture is consistent, with many elements very stable, unchanged for years. On the other hand, you have to take into account that it is a very complex system. When a person starts to learn and looks at all these diagrams related to the division into layers, components, dependencies between them, the head can get sore. It seems to me that it is difficult to remember them at first, because they are so abstract. A beginner SAP Basis Administrator doesn't have a practical translation of these diagrams. So I came to the conclusion that maybe a good form for learning would be to pick a piece of architecture and explain exactly what mechanisms are behind it. It's much better to look at a diagram when you already have the practical knowledge in your head where in the system you can see and configure these blocks.

Since I like to share knowledge, I decided to prepare a video that fits into this scheme. I decided that work processes are something to start with, and at the same time you need to have a good understanding. In the work of a Basis Administrator, very often situations occur that require diagnosis of problems related to this part of the system. This is a very broad topic and I realize that I have presented only the most important things. However, I think it is a good introduction for those starting to learn or preparing for their first certifications.

I am curious what you think about this form of presentation. Can a series of such presentations be useful, or is it better to focus on short tutorials?

Enjoy the video.

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If you like this video you can check also one about starting SAP with sapcontrol. It includes an explanation of how the mechanism works with examples and diagrams. Beginners may also find the startup troubleshooting session interesting. Enjoy.