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Product and Topic Expert

On March 14, 2024 we hosted the SAP Academic Community Conference Spain at SAP Spain in Madrid. 

We counted with about 20+ participants academics from SAP University Alliances from about 7 Educational Institutions from Spain, part of the vibrant academic Spanish community, including also with SAP Partners and SAP Customers. 

Check out the summary video of our ACC ES, thanks to Igor Belousov! 

Dr. Rafael Monterde, SAP Academic Board Iberoamerica - Chair, opened the event jointly with Dr. Holger Wittges, Executive Director from SAP University Competence Center Technical University Munich, jointly with SAP University Alliances now newly duo for Spain Dr. Igor Belousov María Calzada de Neumann. 



The event started with a Keynote on Sustainability from Carlos Diaz, Chief Sustainability Officer, SVP EMEA South, who challenged the participants with some math about the impact on the flights on immense carbon footprint, how much of carbon dioxide a tree absorbs in average per year, and that it is difficult to compensate the impact without implementation of sustainable solutions, including ones from SAP.

Ana Encinas, General Director of AUSAPE, from the Association of Users of SAP Spain, presented their great initiative of the employability portal to connect talents with SAP knowledge with their database.

We also had the prestige of counting with a very special trio session from 3 local SAP Partners, represented as follows, by Alejandro Victoria, Director Business Unit Industry Solutions & Retail from Inetum, by Jaime García, Consultant Director of SAP, Downtown area from Seidor and last but not least by Alfonso Gippini, Executive Director - Technology Consulting from EY. The SAP Partners spoke on the importance of having talent in SAP, the urgence and huge gap of talents with SAP practical knowledge who add value and further synergies with the academic ecosystem. The sessions were very interactive and were followed by an open exchange of feedback between the presenters and the audience for a win-win-win situation, like platforms for self-learning, certifications, SAP next-gen projects for students on SAP-related challenges offered by customers/ partners, among others.



Last but not least we also counted with an excellent concise and very comprehensive session on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) from Alberto Sierra Pantoja, BTP Solution Advisor Expert from the Center of Excellence at SAP, presenting customer projects in App Dev, Automation, Integration, Data & Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, Dr. Holger Wittges showed the new curricula on SAP University Alliances like SAP Signavio, Digital Transformation Curricula on GBI with Bike sharing and I4.0, and the BTP curricula, among others. 

 It has become quite clear that the SAP University Alliances Community in Spain values and makes the most of such presential events with the local ecosystem.  



Check out what the participants are sharing in social media/ webpages:  

LinkedIn, by AUSAPE: SAP Spanish user group representing 611 companies with 7000+ users

LinkedIn, by Prof Rafael Monterde, SAP Academic Board Iberoamerica - Chair

LinkedIn, by Jaime García, Director de Consultoría SAP, de Seidor

LinkedIn, by Carlos Lli Torrabadela, Coordinador Investigación Escuela Politécnica de U de Nebrija

LinkedIn, by Jenny Lindner, Head of Dual Study Program at FEDA Madrid


Among the free academic resources shared, we can mention the following: 

1. Student Zone: Free Learning Journeys for Students | SAP Learning > Free materials for self-learning....

2. CERS01: Certification voucher in the cloud for students and professors with 1 attempt: CERS01 - SAP Certification Exam, One Attempt for Students | SAP Training 

3. UA One-pagers regarding curriculum summary, benefits, etc. including a testimony from a Professor from SAP University Alliances: 



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @MariaCalzadaDeN ,

Thank you for sharing this overview!

Would you be able to connect myself or @jmmargo with Ana Encinas? I would love to understand more about their employment portal! 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @MariaCalzadaDeN - are there any plans to expand this type of sessions in Latin America?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Adrian, Yes, that is the idea, of course! We are planning it for Q4 2024. Should you have further comments/ ideas I will be happy to get your email in my Thank you! Best regards, María