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What have the 3 d-shop co-op students been up to since they joined us? Here are the latest updates from Sana, Syed and Kailey.


If you would like to play the game they created follow this link.


Sana's Update


Hey, I am Sana, and I have been a Co-op student intern at SAP since February 22nd,2021. My experience at SAP has been easy so far and quite enjoyable. I have taken training courses to help better my understanding of what is required at this placement. I have taken a coding course in which I created 3 types of mini-games, small animations, and designs during my first week being here. The week after I learned about AI and business and Climate change. These were also interesting courses as it expanded my knowledge on how the world works and what we can do to improve it.

After doing those courses, I was supposed to learn 3D designing using software called Tinker cad. The only annoying thing was that the rotation was hard to do, but otherwise, it was easy to work with and kind of fun. It felt more fun cause I bought myself a drawing tablet and that just made 3D designing even easier. I had many attempts in making something until I finally decided on making a penguin as my first 3D design project. I also realized that I used Tinker cad for circuitry back in my grade 11 computer engineering class. The circuitry was also another project I had to do on Tinker cad.

Overall, the experience was fun. Currently, I am working on a game with my Co-op team members for little kids, and I also must make a project based on the smart garden project my d-shop team is working on. When we are done with both projects, then we will present them to the d-shop team. I am nervous about it, but we will see how it goes. 😊


Syed's Update


After joining SAP, I have been exposed to multiple new technologies, courses, and ideas that I either had some knowledge of before or never known before. One of those is Snap. Snap is the program I have spent most of my time working with at co-op. I have learned how to work with variables, loops conditional statements, sprites, controls, and the overall basic logic structure of Snap and programming. Examples of projects I have made are:


This one is an example of a loop that creates a pattern at the end in accordance with the number of and the placement of the arrowheads.

The above project uses custom blocks, similar to a function in coding, to program the arrowhead/pen to draw a tree given a specific size, level, and angle. I learned how to make functions and use them alongside the warp block in Snap in this project.

In this project, I had to use loops and clone tools to make a project that seemed like soap bubbles rising up into the air. I also worked around the code to change the color and ghostness of the bubbles at random. This project reinforced previous skills while teaching me how to combine loops, cloning, and color effects as well as debugging.

These projects are the ones that made me learn user input and kind of brought everything together. The first one acted as a culminating project and a video game in Snap. There was a mission to accomplish with obstacles and user input. I had to use artistic skills to draw a map, code user input with a keyboard, and code the sprite and the screen to respond to the user.

Apart from Snap, however, I also had the chance to work on Tinkercad, a program that let me model 3D objects and explore circuits. For my project, I decided to make a 3D fan and a complicated light circuit, which are shown below. I learned a lot about Tinkercad and about 3D Modeling in general, such as forming holes, grouping objects, manipulating shapes to form a custom shape, and how to use switches to make light circuits.

Finally, apart from these hands-on activities, I have also been doing courses through SAP and Coursera relating to sustainability and AI. Furthermore, I am now working on making a fully worked out video game with my coworkers as well as working on modelling a smart garden with Tinkercad.


Kailey's Update


So far in this co-op term I’ve completed several courses, learned how to use different programs and attended many meetings. Through the courses, I was well informed about SAP’s company values, goals and current projects. With this knowledge, I can now work on my smart garden and snap code with important company information in mind. After completing the snap course, I enjoyed playing around with the site and creating fun games.

A couple of weeks ago, Sana, Syed and I had a brainstorming meeting about out maze game we would create. We each assigned ourselves different tasks and completed them on time, the game is almost complete and I am very excited for the final project. In the Tinkercad training courses, I learned how to create 3D objects and circuits. The picture of the penguin is a 3D object I created in Tinkercad with a light circuit inside of it. I have already started to research and create my smart garden prototype and hope I can find a way to include all my ideas into it.

Overall, I’m really enjoying working with SAP and believe that it was a good fit for me. My favourite thing so far is creating the snap game and using Tinkercad because I can be creative with it and I am looking the most forward to helping out in the April break camp.