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Product and Topic Expert

Hello there and thank you for your interest in the digital skills initiative by SAP Learning!

The digital skills initiative is intended to help those who are generally considered to be underrepresented in the technology industry get a kick start in their careers within the SAP Ecosystem.

The definition of people considered to be underrepresented in the technology industry varies by geographic location. However, we can provide the following guideline to help you understand the sort of people we are looking to support with this initiative:

    • Military veterans and their spouses, family and caregivers
    • Women
    • Single parents
    • People who are physically disabled or neurodivergent
    • People in remote or underserved locations that may be not have access to the same economic opportunities as their urban or more privileged counterparts 
    • Minorities who may not have equal opportunity in their geographic location 
    • First generation college students
    • People looking to switch their careers mid-life

If you identify as a person in one or several of these categories, the digital skills initiative might be for you. The final prerequisite is a willingness to learn more about SAP and to undergo the rigors of studying for SAP Certification.

Exception: Pre-existing SAP professionals within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) will no longer be considered for this initiative. The share of free certifications distributed to professionals within the Middle East and North Africa has been high and the remaining certifications will be now be reserved for newcomers to the SAP ecosystem. 

Campaign code redemption requests from MENA will no longer be accepted.  Newcomers from MENA are asked to sign up as instructed below, then present their first name, last name, street address and national ID number along with their SAP Learning Journey completion to to receive their free certification attempt. Thank you for understanding.


Here are the next steps on how to proceed:

Step 1 – Create an SAP Account

You will need an SAP account to track your studies and take a certification exam. Watch the demo in this blog for help on how to do that. Please use the same email address that you intend on registering with the digital skills initiative.

Also be sure to join the beginner corner as demonstrated in the demo – this is how you can reach out and ask questions.

Step 2 - Let us know you are interested

Either leave a comment below or start a discussion in the beginner corner stating a clear interest in participating in the digital skills initiative. Feel free to include a bit about yourself like academic / professional background and why you feel you are a good fit to the program. We will send you a registration link to the initiative via direct message. Please ensure private messaging is enabled on your profile.

Another key reason for this step is if you need help with part of a learning journey that you selected (in step 4 below), you can come back here (the beginner corner) to ask for help.

Step 3 – Make sure you have context

We have a long blog available attempting to explain the whole "learning SAP" process from beginning to certification. Take from it what you need to ensure getting certified in SAP is worth the effort to you.

Step 4 - Begin studying

Pick a learning journey that best fits your interests which also leads to a certification. Any learning journey and any exam is covered by this program. Study it to completion, then send a screenshot of the completion & your SAP Community username to  

Step 5 – Receiving your certification attempt

After your learning journey completion is sent to, please give us some time to process your request. You will receive a redemption code for your SAP certification attempt as soon as we can get one to you.

Please redeem the code ASAP when you receive it. You can schedule the actual exam up to six month after redemption.

Step 6 - Schedule your exam

Check out our blog on how to schedule your SAP Certification exam.

Step 7 - Explore Career Options

Check out the career corner

We wish you the best of luck in your learning journey! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.