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I'm Van, and I graduated from a university in The Philippines with a non-technical degree. I've been employed for a while, and throughout my career, technology has always captivated me, especially automation and artificial intelligence.


I looked up the programs that SAP offers to people who wish to advance in their careers or change to the technology related field over the internet last year. I came upon the Digital Skills program and consider myself to be quite fortunate to have received a free voucher for certification.

Certified Citizen Developer Associate - SAP Build Low-code/No-code Applications and Automations, - I pursued this track since I was able to get a bit of hands on of the SAP Intelligent Robotics Process Automation by creating a Trial Account. 


So here are the myths and realities about the certification:



Low Code No Code experience is 100% required



Be fearless! In my opinion, SAP has performed admirably in this regard. Following my exam, they gave the me the chance to comprehend that the certification involves a comprehensive overview of not only the technology but also the industry's future.



Learners/Students needs to have strong coding/scripting background before taking the exam



I've never seen/had a query about scripting/coding. It's all about the logic and scenario, not the syntax!



Learners must have a thorough understanding of how SAP products work.



SAP already provided the answer to this: The SAP Learning Journeys ensures that you are equipped with the knowledge of the tools and technology that you are choosing


Creating Processes and Automations with SAP Build Process Automation | SAP Learning

Compose and Automate with SAP Build the No-Code Way | SAP Learning

Discovering SAP Business Technology Platform | SAP Learning



Learners should have created and implemented an end-to-end solution utilizing items linked to the exam that they will take.



SAP Learning Journeys, SAP Missions, Blogs, and Community Q&A have all presented me with answers without even realizing it. Undergoing the SAP Learning Journeys and taking Developer's Missions provided me with real-world experience of how SAP Build/Build Process automation works, as well as access to the SAP Community, where I sought assistance with the challenges/errors/scenarios that I faced while learning.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure and learned from the tips I shared. As of now, I am still learning and tackling development obstacles. This is simply the beginning of a lifelong learning journey as a Certified SAP Consultant.


I wish everyone a happy learning!




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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Thanks so much for sharing & congratulations @arroyoweisson !

How much preexisting knowledge of business processes did you have before you started studying?

In what industries do you feel you may be using this knowledge for in the future?