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I was an Army Infantrymen, while in my opinion there is not a wide array of transferable skills that can seamlessly transition in to the tech sector. There are three skills that have been critical to my career. As an infantrymen, I had to make difficult split-seconds decisions, worked in team and ensure effective and efficient communication in battle, and lastly developed strong leadership qualities that became invaluable during strategic planning and guidance of projects.

The ability to adapt quickly to changing environments in the military is crucial in tech due facing time sensitive situations that require rapid problem-solving and decision-making. This adaptability is directly applicable when facing new challenges and technologies in the dynamic world of tech. It allows me to embrace challenges with ease and excitement.

As an infantrymen, we have to work in teams and communicate effectively. Collaboration is essential to work cohesively as a unit. These skills extend beyond simple verbal communication, encompassing the ability to follow and give clear instructions, provide feedback and a maintain a strong sense of camaraderie. In the tech sector, where projects often involve multidisciplinary teams, these teamwork skills are highly sought after, as they ensure smooth collaboration and efficient project execution.

Lastly, the strong leadership qualities ingrained in army infantrymen make them natural candidates for managerial roles in the tech industry. Having been entrusted with leading and motivating their teams in challenging and high-stress situations, infantrymen are well-prepared to oversee tech projects and inspire their teams to achieve optimal results. The experience in decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic planning also contributes to the ability to guide and mentor others effectively, fostering a positive and productive work environment in the tech sector.

In conclusion, the transferable skills of army infantrymen, including adaptability, teamwork, communication, and leadership, provide a competitive edge in the tech sector. The ability to excel under pressure, work collaboratively, and lead effectively make valuable assets in a field where innovation and quick thinking are paramount. Employers in the tech industry can benefit greatly from harnessing the experiences and expertise of highly skilled and dedicated infantrymen.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Thanks @modesto_cabrera !

One thing I'd like to add is that you also learn not to sweat the small stuff. During my time in the Army infantry, I gained a lot of perspective on what in life actually constitutes an "emergency" and that keeps me from getting frazzled in the rush to meet urgent business objectives.