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All former_member224865's Badges

former_member224865 has earned 15 badges!
  • openSAP Learner
    openSAP Learner
    Earned by 59,826 members

    You enrolled in a course on openSAP, SAP's free open online course provider, to start your learning journey!

  • openSAP Novice
    openSAP Novice
    Earned by 26,766 members

    You explored new skills and successfully completed one openSAP course to earn your first Record of Achievement.

  • openSAP Emerging Star
    openSAP Emerging Star
    Earned by 16,847 members

    You successfully completed two openSAP courses and you start to shine like the star that you are! Look at all those new skills!

  • Steel
    Earned by 8,141 members

    You achieved level: Steel

  • I Blogged!
    I Blogged!
    Earned by 2,513 members

    Read about proper community behavior on SCN, then create your first blog.

  • DGIII Accept Challenge
    DGIII Accept Challenge
    Earned by 758 members

    Accept the DataGeek III Challenge. Click the gear to flip the tile and find out how.

  • I Was Here
    I Was Here
    Earned by 122,648 members

    Carve your name on the SCN wall. Log in once.

  • First Steps
    First Steps
    Earned by 10,316 members

    Come out of the shadows and start engaging with the community! Provide feedback on the content you read.

  • SAP HANA Idea Incubator Fan
    SAP HANA Idea Incubator Fan
    Earned by 2,633 members

    Be a fan of SAP HANA Idea Incubator by reading and bookmarking the announcement blog

  • ABAP in Eclipse Fan
    ABAP in Eclipse Fan
    Earned by 2,880 members

    Follow ABAP in Eclipse Space and Bookmark important blog

  • Ready Set Go!
    Ready Set Go!
    Earned by 3,265 members

    You're almost ready to jump in and participate. Follow some members, provide feedback on some content, and post a status update. Prerequisite mission: Ready Set (Go!)

  • Ready Set (Go!)
    Ready Set (Go!)
    Earned by 6,406 members

    Get ready to contribute! Read and bookmark the SCN Rules of Engagement, and read about how to search. Prerequisite mission: Ready (Set Go!)

  • Ready (Set Go!)
    Ready (Set Go!)
    Earned by 16,151 members

    It's time to show us who you are. Fill out your user profile and add an avatar.

  • I Accepted the SAP HANA Quiz Challenge
    I Accepted the SAP HANA Quiz Challenge
    Earned by 2,669 members

    Find and bookmark the SAP HANA Quiz Announcement on SCN. Click the gear to flip the title and find out how.

  • I Found the SAP Learning Hub Free Courses
    I Found the SAP Learning Hub Free Courses
    Earned by 4,840 members

    Find the "SAP Learning Hub Free Courses Overview" document using the search feature on SCN. Once you've found the document, bookmark it.