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Happy New Year 2024


Dear Wizards of the IT world,

In many ways, 2023 was a fantastic year. It brought AI to a wide audience. Many will probably agree that we can likely consider it to be the beginning of the most important revolution of our lives. I have no doubt at all that AI will affect our careers, our work, businesses, our daily lives. It will change the world.

I wish all of us that these changes will take place in the right direction. So that years later we can say that 2024 was the beginning of something great and wonderful. Something that would develop our civilization and make people's lives better. I wish us that traditional values and rationality will not be lost in this race. The world, countries, companies are fighting for dominance in this field at the moment. May ethics and the good of humanity win over greed and the desire to win at any cost.

My special wishes go to people standing at the beginning of their careers. We live in very interesting times. These are great perspectives for career progression, but at the same time quite a significant challenge. I wish you to choose your path wisely, and let AI be your friend and great tool, not your opponent. 

May the upcoming 2024 be even more interesting than the passing 2023.

Sapdalf, the still optimistic wizardSapdalf, the still optimistic wizard