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SAP Functional Expert or Solution architect with expertise on primarily Core SAP Modules like MM. SD, PP, FICO.. etc.. have a common question that.. How can I contribute in this emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, IoT etc..

This blogs probably might help SAP Functional experts to see a different perspective.

Brief Background

First of all, we need to understand the purpose of these new technologies, the purpose is to provide the business users the apportunity to use large volume of available data to arrive or interpret solutions to complex problems.

SAP Functional experts have the skills & experience to understand these complex problems &  better interpret the outcomes of the machine learning algorithms outputs.

Also functional consultants can guide customers on the relevant business actions or the change management required to implement these emerging solutions & also set guidlines to continously improve on business outcomes with these technologies.

Below picture just shows related technologies to machine learning & relevant to be understood. Machine learning uses Mathematics & statitics to solve some of the classification & prediction problems.

Artificial Intelligence is larger topic than machine learning, however machine learning is considered to be the baseline or foundation to Artificial intelligence.

Learning Journey

An year before, I would consider myself alien to the discussion on the topic of Machine learning & artificial intelligence, when I'm around with my collegues or data scientist or even sometimes my seniors or juniors speak on this topic of machine learning & artificial intelligence. More so that I would retreat & feel disapproved of not knowing the topic. I'm sure some of you had a similar feeling.

On the other hand given the fact that SAP is evolving & bringing all these new technolgies in the core SAP solution, it even becomes more impotant to understand the concepts & help customers to realize the benefits of these solutions.

I have been contnuously learning on this topic for about 12 months now & my personal insight is that in order for us to stay relevant in the industry we need to upskill on these topics at the earliest & also take this opportunity to then see what all possible ways we can contibute on this emerging technologies.

Primarily we atleast need to be able to get the context of the discussion when topics around machine learning are discussed.

To start with as a functional expert, I recommend we need to understand the basics & then build on it further, so that we can stay relevant in front of our customers & suggest solutions wherein machine learning molel can be used.

If you attend following training programs in following sequence will give you good start to very basic beginer level understanding & then gradually build your understanding on this topic.

  1. Enterprise Machine Learning in a Nutshell

  2. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation – An Introduction

  3. Driving Business Results with Big Data

For more deep dive learnings read this blog, which has consolidated list of learnings mostly technical but still relevant for functional experts

How to become an SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Expert

To know SAP Portfolio on Machine Learning go to

Other MOOCs you can refer are Andre Ng at Coursera