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Machine Learning is taking center stage in the tech industry and for good reason. The machine learning revolution has given humans the power to produce interactive software that learns from and adapts to user behavior, getting smarter through its own feedback every time it does its job.

With the ability to make predictions and analytics on new (often real-time) data, the usecases, which include financial predictions, predictive maintenance, image recognition, classification (like spam filters) and fraud detection, ML is proving to be an astounding asset.

The Innovation Center Silicon Valley (ICSV) recognizes the need to cultivate ML and as part of this outreach hosted a boot camp for colleagues at SAP China.

The boot camp was sponsored by Clas Neumann, Head of SAP Labs Network, in collaboration with Dr. Li Ruicheng, the Managing Director of Labs China and ran from May through August via five 3 hour sessions.

The goal of the boot camp was to enable Labs China colleagues with the knowledge and expertise needed to integrate machine learning into their products.

Xuening Wu, a Data Scientist with ICSV, instructed the SAP Labs China Machine Learning Bootcamp in collaboration with Dr. Ruicheng.

(Students received their graduation certificates at the end of the bootcamp.)

In these sessions, students (who include architects and development leads of Labs China products) were introduced to machine learning topics including deep learning, linear regression, logistic regression, artificial neural networks, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, and generate adversary networks.

The ICSV believes it’s important to grasp the significance of Deep Learning rather than traditional machine learning and help colleagues shift the focus from conventional business processes to emerging trends. The boot camp allows them to come up to speed on the latest technology and updates in machine learning.