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We were first introduced to the concept of Evil AI on a broad scale in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. When the HAL 9000 tries to preserve its life and in the process kills all but one of the passengers, the notion of evil AI was born.

Pick up your tablet, newspaper, or phone and read the news -- machine learning and AI are everywhere, and there are fears that AI could turn against us. The machines are being trained and learning. In reality, this buzzed-about tech development is reliant on data, data sets, instructions and models for solving complex tasks.

Forbes wrote an interesting article about how machine learning solves some big problems, which points out many places that the data is collected. With the amounts of data being collected, companies have a responsibility to make sure they are protecting it, for the good of all.

The data is very real, but the ability of computers to take the data and make evil decisions is just a myth ...

At least for now.