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Zebra Z6Mplus printer with smartforms

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Hello together,

I want to setup a Zebra Z6Mplus on our SAP R/3 Enterprise system.

Which driver I need to create a printer in the SAP System (z.B. LZEB3 or something like that)(TA:SDAD).

The printer is installed local on a desktop pc. From this pc it is possible to print everything with the Zebra printer.

But when I want to print in SAP (SmartForms) and with the printer "locl" there are no reaction from the printer.

Just the LED for "DATA" blink for a very short time. So I'm sure that a "data package" was send to the printer. But as I say ---> no reaction.

Can anybody help me??


Best regards


I have also read a post within this forum


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I had faced similar problem with zebra printer long back.

Are you using ZEBRA printer control language within smart forms ? if so check your control commands looks like something is missing or command is incomplete.

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Thank's a lot. The printer works right

But now I have an addiational question.

Can I change the printing (180°)output within the Zebra Setup??, because the output is upside down??



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Do you have create the printer in the SPAD ?


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Yes certainly?!


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Cause when you use the LOCL printer device you didn't need to create the printer in the SPAD ...

but Smartforms requiere a printer in the SPAD to print in other computer than the one connect to the printer ...


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Hello @all,

now the Zebra printer is working well. But I still have one problem. The output from the printer is updside

down, as I wrote it a few topics above.

So from my side, I have two possibilities.

One the on hand, I buy other labels which are upside down and on the other hand I print the output in a 180° changed position.

I'm using smartforms und I have created the printer in SPAD. So what are my possibilities to solve my problem.

Or are there any possiblities within the printer-setup(hardware)??

Please help me.

The new printer want to go productiv.

Best regards


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Check the print control values set for the Zebra printer defined in SPAD.



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OK I have checked the values. But I can't find any interesting setting for my problem.

In the worst case, I need a new label roll which is reversed.