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i have a requirement to add 2 screen fields in a new tab in XD01.

what i understood, the process i need to do is:

1) create a new structure containing the fields and append the structure to KNA1.

2) Design a new screen with type as 'subscreen' giving prog name and scr no with the fields IN SE51.

3) handle the PBO and PAI for the subscreen in the main program


FOR 2) for handling the subscreen i.e when the user clicks the new tab button, new subscreen should be displayed

for this i think,in the badi 'CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA_CS', we have a method 'GET_TAXI_SCREEN' . there we will give our new program name and the new screen developed. also there is 'FCODE' field also there.. WHATS THAT FOR???

FOR 3) i think we should handle PBO and PAI part in GET DATA and SET DATA methods.. do we need to handle manually here . will it not take automatically since we are giving same field name (both in the screen and table)

also found one more badi 'CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA'.. will it be useful in my case??

pls let me know if i'm on right track and correct me if i'm wrong somewhere

thanks for being patient


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waiting for your valuable suggestions...