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WSDL error with table parameter

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I have a new and strange problem with a web services.

I have created a wsdl starting from a function module.

My problem regards the table, when i try to consume the web service with Soap UI I have the following structure:

Like the code above says I can insert zero or more repetition of my table Ztabtest, but if I call the service whitout table item the service doesn't works and return the following error:

CX_ST_MATCH_ELEMENT:XSLT exception.System expected the end of the element 'ZtabTest'.

If I fill the Table all works fine, but this is the first time that for a web service the table data seems to be obligatory.

Any suggestion?


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I that table needed as input parameter ?


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No, is not needed, but for web services even if the table are not flagged as optional you can call the service only with the tag <ZtabTest>   </ZtabTest> without the item inside.

I can say that from my previous experiences with web services.

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Hi Sassi,

In the WSDL, If you dont have any value for field also,we have to send that field otherwise it will fail.

<Name>A</Name>.  - Case of Value for Name

<Name />                  - Case of No Value



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Please create a table type and use in in the export tab of the function.



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This don't solve my problems.

For example I'll explain a previous web service that works fine:

In this case I receive in import two tables [mesureament_list - point list] and I return the message table.

The two table in import could be empty or not and obviously the message tab is called empty and filled by the function module whit the return message from bapi.

This wsdl works fine even with empty tables.

Could be this issue due to the component version?

It works on EHP7 for SAP ERP 6.0 an now i have problems with EHP4 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 / NW7.01.

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I assume that you regenerate the service and use the new WSDL ?

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Several times

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Have you try using different method for testing Eclipse ?

If you use Java try to generate a client proxy and use it .


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I just expose the wsdl from Sap and then test it with the SoapUi