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wrong form triggering in mail

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hello all,

i have two message type zne1 and zne4 one for mail and one for external send with the same format.

the problem is when i use zne1 and see the print out all the tax conditions are displayed which are included in the form.

but when i use zne4 and see the pdf that i receive in mail no tax condions are displayed.

i put break point in my form and its is triggering and all tax values are populating but when it comes to final output its different with zne1 output.

there is zneu message which smartform is without tax conditions?

is that program is triggered or why is the output in mail coming without taxes when form for both zne1 and zne4 are same.

i checked nace and tnapr .my form with taxes only exists and it is only triggering also.

but final ouput in mail is different.

Please help.



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Hello Ujwal,

Place break points in both SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME and OPEN_FORM function modules and see what is the form being called the moment before sending the mail.

Dont just go by the first trigger point, press F8 again and see each time which is the form being called till the mail gets sent.

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Check the driver program is it the same...

If it is the same it will trigger properly also check for the hard coding of the form name in the program..


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Hi Ujwal,

1)Plz check  smartform name and print program name those are being triggered for all the three  message types.

U can check the smartform name in  the import parameter of CALL FUNCTION 'SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME'.

2) Have you added any conditions in the window or texts that will display tax values ??



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Please check the following things.

  • Which smartform is getting triggered.
  • In order to test it just change the config to print and see what do you see in print preview for the same output type.

Most probably you are checking mail that may be related to some different output.



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Hi Ujwal,

Put a break point at CALL FUNCTION 'SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME'. Check the values in the parameters passed to the FM. Also put a breakpoint in your smartform (you can check the dynamce FM name of the SF and put a breakpoint at global parameters or so). Then check the tax fields if they values. Debugging will help you to analyze correctly.

Also check if the print program is the same for Mail and External Send.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Ujwal,

1. Debug  program assigned to your output type.

2. Check Smartform assigned in that program.