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workitem text translation

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Hi all,

I have a requirement to translate workflow workitem texts to various languages. I have maintained the translations via SE63 or PFTC_CHG (for standard tasks).

I am able to view the translated text in business workplace workitem preview, if I logon in that language.

But if the logon language is going to be english globally, how would the users in different countries get the workitem text in their respective languages.

Do I have to use some other criteria to display the workitem in other languages. If this is the case do I have to use the workitem display userexit.




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Hi Kiran!

Now that's a strange requirement: global logon language is English, but (some) texts should be displayed localized.

In own user data (System - user profile - own data) in tab address communication settings can be defined independent of the logon language (but this will be the defaulted language, if no other language is entered during logon).

...and for display, you will definitely need some additional programming. But don't ask me, how to interfere in standard parts - in an own report, it would be simple to use a different language field. In standard parts, it's much more complicate.



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Hi Kiran,

I have a requirement to translate the workflow workitem text into French language.

We are using English as the log on language during development of the workflow. I have referred the documentation for translation of workitem text in SE63 but I couldn’t find much information.

Can I use the following option in se63?

Translation > R/3 Enterprise > Short Texts

Select the option : < TLGS > Lockable Logical Objects (Short Texts) for the workitem text translation.

Thanks in Advance!