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Workingwith BDC sessions - Server Crash

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I have a doubt, hope, I will get a clarification from this forum.

the scenario is like this:

The flat file contains more than 50 records, while processing the BDC (by using call transaction method), the server is crashed (say due to power problem). How can I find out how many records are posted to the database tables (without checking the database tables) and how many we still need to be processed? This is for all modes (A/N/E). Any ideas/help is highly appreciated.



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Hi Naryana,

You can try your luck by checking the log for the session using Transaction SM35.


Suresh Datti

P.S. Pl ignore my post.. I missed the part where you mentioned it was a CALL TRANSACTION

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If this is real concern, I think that the only way would be do something like this.

In your program.....

1) Upload the flat file to internal table.

2) Write the internal table to a database table.

3) process each record on the interal table using the call transaction, after the transaction set a "completion flag" for that record in the database table, make sure to commit work right after.

This way you will have a record of the records that were to be processed, and the ones that were done, and ones that were not.


Rich Heilman

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Hi Narayana ,

You can re-write your bdc using session method , it gives you a complete picture ( log ) what is updated and not updated . More over...if a session is running and the server goes down , once the server is up after some time this session job is automatically started .

Thanks and Regards,

K Vijayasekar

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Thanks to all who replied. But as you can see, this question is more on using "call transaction" (where is there is no log) method. The 2nd reply (by Mr. Rich Heilman) sounds good, but it requires at least one extra DB call for every record (which makes the process slower) that needs to be processed.

Any other ideas, please.

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I don't know what you'have posted, but I think the best solution is write a new program re-processes the file and checks if a record is posted. I suppose as soon as it finds a record isn't posted it can stop the research.

You can also try to see the system log (trx SM21), perhaps you can find out some usefull informations.


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SM13 transaction contains info about the updated records