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Workflow query

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Has anyone worked on the workflow example given in the SAP Help - Notification of Absence Example, for creating checking and approving notification of absences. In that case please help me with the Unit 7 of that example


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What is your exact problem. The examples worked always pretty well.

Let us know what your specific question is about unit 7 and then we can help you further

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In the section EXTENDING THE BINDING DEFINITION steps 2,3,4 and 5 are not given properly. I mean, it asks to choose some button, if anything called 'ELEMENT' appears, but then if you click the button, some other options called 'PERSONAL SETTINGS' come up.

and then it says to give a new binding

Actual Agent &Approver&

even that step is not said properly.

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Hey I have one more problem.

In the same example after changing staff assignments, to some other user. I if now execute the workflow, it's still coming back to the same user for approval. It is not going to the new superior. If anyone faced this same problem during this workflow...please help me out with it.

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I guess U need to refresh org assignment.

also try to cehck what rule is provided in the agent determination..and try to simulate the agent determination via PFAC.I am sure u will be able to identify the problem there.