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Workflow - how to display the current variable value inside loop (until) step

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As the question in title, I am learning from the blog workflow tutorial for beginner, and modified it a bit, so instead of multiple outcome in 'Multiple condition' step, I am only using 1 condition outcome such as below (I know that I don't need to include 'Multiple condition' step in this test, I plan to remove it later)

But, on the 'send mail' step, I am using a dynamic subject and content, expecting I will receive 3 mail, whereas:
Mail 1: Reminder no: 1
Mail 2: Reminder no: 2
Mail 3: Reminder no: 3

But instead, I receive 3 mail with the same lv_counter value (which is the initial value), such as below:

Did I miss some step in data configuration that will allow each 'send mail' step to use the respective lv_counter?




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Found it, I need to bind inside the step where element is used.