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Where used functionality for ABAP CDS views?

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Is there a way to have a where used functionality for ABAP CDS views, eg in which other CDS views, ABAP programs, classes, ... is a certain ABAP CDS view reused?

This in order to find out what the impact will be if a certain change is done in a ABAP CDS.




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Right click on the view name ( the one after the define view statement) and choose get where used list...

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I've already tried that, but I'm getting the message "Where-used is not supported at this position. Select a supported object and perform the search again".




Hi Eddy,

In t-code SDDLAR (CDS Analysis and Repair Tools) in backend ABAP system, you can find other ABAP CDS views consuming the current view based on name.

Choose option 'Display DDL Source' and click on 'Analyze' button.
In the 'Regular Expression (partial match)' section, provide the name of ABAP CDS for which you want to do where used and check the 'Ignore Case' flag.
Click Execute.

It will scan through the other ABAP CDS views to find the name of the searched view in their code.
Since this is a code scan of the ABAP CDS, it might also return some additional results based on usage of name as regular expression.


thomasfiedler Is there anything planned for the future? I'm still missing that feature (where-used list for DDL Sources/CDS Views) in the latest S/4HANA Release and the latest ADT Version.

Best regards, Thomas

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Thanks! Screenshots of SDDLAR to help people (S/4HANA 2023 ABAP 7.58).




F8 (wait for a few minutes, a long list may be displayed)




Although CDS views themselves are very powerful feature then lack of 'where-used' functionality in Eclipse makes my life more difficult :-(. Hopefully it will be implemented in the new upcoming versions. Best regards Bogdan



I found out that it worked for me, if i right-click on the CDS view in the outline view and select "Get Where-used List".



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Thanks Philipp it works for me as well!

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This worked! Thanks Philipp!

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Eddy, you need to right-click on a CDS View definition in the code editor, not the DDL source file in Project Explorer! I still bounce into the same thing after 3 years myself 😉


Dmitry Kuznetsov

BI Consulting

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It doesn't work i.e. it doesn't find the CDS views which use a given CDS view (that was the question). Test done in S/4HANA 2023, ABAP 7.58.

Example with I_TextObjectPlainLongText, it doesn't find A_EquipmentLongText and many other CDS views:



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Where used list is working when right click the CDS entity name in definition. But it doesn't show the roles / access controls for that CDS view. How can i find the role / access control for any CDS view?

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Almost good, but it doesn't work well:

It doesn't seem to extract all CDS views, e.g. S/4HANA 2023, running with "Object Flow Up" and CDS View I_TEXTOBJECTPLAINLONGTEXT, it doesn't find A_EQUIPMENTLONGTEXT.

By running the transaction code SDDLAR, I get the correct result. See more in this post: Re: Where used functionality for ABAP CDS views? - SAP Community.



Table DDDDLSRC holds all the source code of your CDS views. We commonly use TVARVC variables and before we make changes to these variables (because multiple programs and/or CDS views may use the same variables) we scan our ABAP and our CDS views.

  • Transaction CODE_SCANNER or program RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN to search code
  • Table DDDDLSRC to scan CDS view source code. The below SQL will find all the custom CDS views that contain the string 'ZWF_INV_ICON_AGENT'
select ddlname
from ddddlsrc
where ddlname like 'Z%'
and source like '%ZWF_INV_ICON_AGENT%'