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Where is Actual Potency (value) stored.

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Hi Experts,

I've read a thread that mentioned that the actual potency can be found in the AUSP table.

The look up value should be ausp-atinn = 0001 <actual_potency> and ausp-atwrt <supposedly contains the actual_potency value i.e. 95.00>

but when i tried extracting from ausp, nothing was returned because the actual potency value wasnt there..

is there another field where i can extract the actual potency value? I did see a field ausp-atflv but the data element of this is fltp, and displays 9.5000000+e01 instead of 95.00

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you should try to convert the data type from Floating point to type P or type N with decimal points

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Hi Helen,

Thanks for the tip, but is there another field where the actual potency value is stored and can be extracted?

I need the exact field name that stores the actual value.