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What is the role of the exclusive indicator in the acess sequence?

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What sense does the exclusive flag make in output determination?

Sice all the access sequence are used for the same output type proposal, why would this flag be used?

Is it becuase:

If we do not set this flag and a condition record is not maintained for all the access sequences the output type is not proposed?


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Access Sequence enables search criteria for that particular Condtion Type within that access sequence.

While searching for the Condition tables for the entries thru the entire Access number sequence which is defined for that Access Sequence.

If we want to stop this search after it finds successful entry in this particular Access Sequence for that Condition record entry, we enable this Exclusive Indicator.

An Access Sequence controls whether the system stops searching for a record after the first successful access for a condition type within an access sequence.

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In an Access sequence while placing the condition tables,

if the Exclusive indicator is set, If a valid condition

rec is found by the system in a cond. table, it will stop

searching and will not go to next cond. table.

whenever if we speicify the exclusive indicator in access

sequence, system will stop searching for further condition

record,it means it will consider only for the particular

condition record,in which we specify the exclusive indicator

in access sequence

check this link