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What is the proper use of FM MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENTS?

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I need to create a goods movement with QCI attributes/quantities for our customers with integrated SAP IS Oil'n'Gas. When tryied with BAPI FM 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE' I got an error

O3-453: No additional quantities imported from external application.

After some search over the forums I found that someone uses another FM MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENTS. Here is the link to that thread:

I checked for documentation of that FM and found it incomplete (as usual, as everyone could imagine).

My question is:

Can someone support me with relevant link/s or documentation of this function module in order to have possibility to post GM?

A little bunch of our specific data:

- GM type: 502

- GM code 05 (not nessesary)

- reason for movement 5022

- storage location 0001

- quantities in few different units of measure.

Must supply some vendor number and some GL account.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Meanwhile I'm going to check OSS notes # 607156 and 430473 mentioned in the upper thread.


Ivaylo Mutafchiev


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Hi Ivaylo,

Did you take a look at the rather good documentation of the BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE? We are using the BAPI without any problems. But I know that not all goodsmovements are supported with the BAPI. Perhaps it is not suited for your IS-OIL requirements.



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thanks for a reply. Yes, I've checked the documentation of the BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE and yes, we also are using it for lots of different GM postings. Unfortunatetly, as mentioned in the OSS note 607156, IS-Oil specifics (such as QCI additional quantities/attributes) are not supported by any BAPI. They suggest us to use FM MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENTS instead, which is in the core of GM posting and is called from various applications (even from that BAPI FM mentioned above).