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what is the difference between select statement and provide..endprovide

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what is the difference between select statement and provide..endprovide


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here are a few options:

1. Search option in SDN forums.

2. F1 Help if u have access to an SAP system(i sd that because im pretty sure u are not an ABAPER, coz if u were that would be the first thing any abaper would do)

3. Google

4. Wiki@SDN

5. Hundreds of third-party sites like, etc

if u dont find the answers from any of these then come and post ur question here!!!!


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The diffrence in between Select and provide is as follows.

1. Provide statement is used with predefined Macros, if we use macros it is assured that will work properly, the data has been retrived based on structures tables. and it cant be used without logical data base or GETPERNR Statement.

2. Select statement is used to retrive data from transparent tables,if you use this statement for retriving data of info types make sure to do proper QA other wise it may gonna give prob with begda and endda.

may be this will hlp u.