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what is the difference between bdc & bapi

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please it can help me to improve my knowledge,



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A BAPI is a method of a SAP Business Object. BAPI enables SAP and third party applications to interact and integrate

with each other at the Business Object / Process level.

Check this link to know more about BAPI.

Batch Data Communication (BDC) is the oldest batch interfacing technique that SAP provided since the early versions of R/3. BDC is not a

typical integration tool, in the sense that, it can be only be used for uploading data into R/3 and so it is not bi-directional.

BDC works on the principle of simulating user input for transactional screen, via an ABAP program. Typically the input comes in the form

of a flat file. The ABAP program reads this file and formats the input data screen by screen into an internal table (BDCDATA). The

transaction is then started using this internal table as the input and executed in the background.

In ‘Call Transaction’, the transactions are triggered at the time of processing itself and so the ABAP program must do the error handling.

It can also be used for real-time interfaces and custom error handling & logging features. .

To know more about BDC,

check the link.

Main differences are...

In case of bdc data transfer takes place from flat file into sap system ie the file existing in sap system to sap sytem

where is bapi's r remotly enabled function modules which are assigned to some business objects n used to transfer the data between different business partners who are using different systems other than sap.

not only that...

when you plan to upgrade your system version then bdc willnot support those upgradations where as bapi's will support.


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A BAPI is like a function module which can internally be a bdc or not.A bdc is a transaction call in the background i.e. emulating a user running the transaction. A bdc is dependant on the screens called by the transaction. If the screen changes or different screensa re called depending on input it will no longer work. Always try to se a BAPI if you can.

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Batch Data Communication: Batch Input

Batch input is typically used to transfer data from non-R/3 systems to R/3 systems or to transfer data between R/3 systems.

It is a data transfer technique that allows you to transfer datasets automatically to screens belonging to transactions, and thus to an SAP system. Batch input is controlled by a batch input session.

Batch input session

Groups a series of transaction calls together with input data and user actions . A batch input session can be used to execute a dialog transaction in batch input, where some or all the screens are processed by the session. Batch input sessions are stored in the database as database tables and can be used within a program as internal tables when accessing transactions.


BAPIs are standardized programming interfaces (methods) enabling external applications to access business processes and data in the R/3 System.

BAPIs provide stable and standardized methods to achieve seamless integration between the R/3 System and external applications, legacy systems and add-ons.

BAPIs are defined in the BOR(Business object repository) as methods of SAP business object types that carry out specific business functions.

BAPIs are implemented as RFC-enabled function modules and are created in the Function Builder of the ABAP Workbench.

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