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What is salv_de_layout_restriction and disvariant-variant?

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Hello and good morning!
I'm very much a beginner when it comes to ABAP, and right now I was given the task to go through some ALV code and see how they do it. There's many things I don't understand, one of them being what salv_de_layout_restriction is? In the code it is used as a type, like this:



types: begin of g_type_s_test,
         amount    type i,
         repid     type syrepid,
         display   type i,
         restrict  type salv_de_layout_restriction,
         default   type sap_bool,
         layout    type disvariant-variant,
         load_layo type sap_bool,
       end of g_type_s_test.



Maybe I'm being way too detailed when it comes to understanding every little thing, but I really want to know what it is I'm using. I've seen salv_de_layout_restriction be used in other code examples, but haven't found any explanation as to what it is, what you can do with it, etc. So I was wondering if anyone could help me? 


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If you don't find usage of restrict elsewhere in the code, then it's not used. No need to spend time on it.


The domain values explain it all:


It defines if layouts can be stored as user specific or cross user ...

Disvariant-variant is one layout variant. A layout variant is a saved  "how the ALV-list looks currently".

Ah thank you, I honestly didn't think to check what's in the domain and I'll remember that for next time. Have a great day!

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Double-clik on it, you will get a data element with its documentation and double-click on domain name for values (here a list, but can also be a table of values)