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What is difference between BDC & LSMW?

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What is difference between BDC & LSMW?


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And when ther are used?

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check the below threads



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BDC and LSMW Diff

LSMW is having different different options and as in BDC we have to code

a program but i suppose the main difference in both the cases is:-

LSMW has been developed mainly for the Functional people who has no

knowledge of the technical aspects of report or BDC in ABAP because its very user friendly and handy to use.

So, simply they can upload the master records using LSMW.

Earlier they had to contact to a ABAP person and ask him to create a BDC taking extra time and efforts.

lsmw is basically for standard sap application.

BDC is basically for customized applications.

In lsmw mapping is take care by sap.

In bdc we have to give mapping concept explicitly.

LSMW offers different techniques for migrating data say : Direct input , Batch input recording , BAPI , IDOC

It basically uses recording.

LSMW is basically designed for Functional consultants who do no coding .

BDC is used by technical consultants , who do coding.

Coding cannot be done flexibily as BDC.

Coding can be done flexibly to customize applications.