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What is Customer Exist?

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Dear All,

What is Customer Exist?

What is Different Between User Exist & Customer Exist?




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Customer exits and User exits are entirely different.

They don't have any relationship.

Customer exits are provided to the customer in the form of Function Module which holds the include in the customer namespace.The user can add his/her own source code in it.This is technically an enhancement.Eg for customer exits are Function module exits,Menu Exits,Screen Exits.

User exists are empty subroutines that the SAP Developers have provided for you that u can fill with your own source code.This is technically a modification since the object in the SAP name space is modified.

I have answered many times in this topic.Please check my previous answers if you still need an indepth information.

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Customer exits are function modules which are provided to the customers for further enhancements.Eg Menu exit,Screen exit,Function Module exit.

You can search for customer exits using CALL CUSTOMER keyword in the particular transacion.

User exits are empty subroutines that SAP developers have provided for you.You can fill them with your own source code.You can search for user exits using PERFORM USEREXIT_ keyword.

The main difference is for user exit u need a key to modify the code.

Technically user exit is a modification and customer exit is an enhancement.



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Hi Dharmesh,

Please see this, a good discussion on difference between User Exit and Customer exit:

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Hi ,

<b>Customer Exits :</b>

Pre-planned enhancement to the standard SAP system.

SAP anticipates potential customer requests not already implemented in the standard system by predefining them as 'empty modification modules'. Customers fill these modules with their own logic according to their own requirements.

SAP creates customer exits with transaction <b>SMOD</b>. From these customer exits, customers then use transaction <b>CMOD</b> to choose the enhancements they want to process, assign them to enhancement projects, edit the components, and activate the relevant projects.

Using customer exits guarantees upwards compatibility. This is because jumps to exits are predefined in the standard software and the validity of the call interface are both retained, even in future release upgrades.

<b>Difference Between User-exits and Customer-exits</b>

1. USER EXITS are FORMS and are called by SAP standard programs using PERFORM.

CUSTOMER EXITS are FUNCTIONS so they are called using CALL FUNCTION (or more exactly CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION).

2. Inside the form (user exit) you can read and change almost any global data from host program.

Inside a function (customer exit) you can only acces your import/export/changing/tables parameters.

3.User exits are more flexible because you have more information to use in your code but on the other hand , it is very easy to manipulate erroneously global data and lead the standard program to a dump or even to make database inconsistent.

Customer exits are more restrictive but you are sure any change you can make to any parameters will never lead to inconsistency.

4.User-exit doesn’t have any classification.

In customer-exit we have function-module exit , screen exit , menu exit.

5.User Exits are Basically designed For SD module.

Customer Exits are available for MM,SD,FI,HR…..Basically designed for all modules.

6. User-exits can be written only using access-key.

No need of access key to write a customer exit.

7.With user-exits the code , the developer has written will not be there for next version unless modification assistance tool is used.

Customer-exits are not wiped during upgradation.

thanks and regards,