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what is client dependent and client independent types ?

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what is client dependent and client independent types ?

how many is there client dependent and client independent


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Scripts, Smartforms, Std Texts are client dependent.

other s like Programs and dictionary objects are client independent.

say for example In DEV system you have 3 clients like 100, 200 and 300

you created a Script or Std text in 100 it won't visible in 200 and 300, where as if you create a program in 100 it is visible in other clients.

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the object on which a perticular client can make changes are called client dependent objects.the object on which a all clients can make changes are called client independent objects(or cross client applications).

ex:in table mara data is differnt for differnt clients.

in table t80i,t80it data is same for all clients.



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Client dependent means the things which are in client 100 will not be available in the client 200.

Client independent means the things which are in client 100 will be available even in client 200.

Note:- the client numbers given here and for your understanding.


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If you double click a Transfer requirement in SE10 or SE09 and then press F4 in the field category, you will find some helpful information.

Client dependent or independent transfer requirements include client specific or cross client objects in the change requests. Workbench objects like SAPscripts are client specific, some entries in customizing are client independent.

If you display the object list for one change request, and then for each object the object attributes, you will find the flag client specific.

If one object in the task list has this flag on, then that transport will be client dependent.

You can also find a list of the high class objects in SAP, here you will see the flag on/off. Use TCODE SOBJ.

Start STMS and double click on the request itself, you will see which type of request it is (Workbench -> client independent or Customizing -> client dependent).

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1)when we add a field MANDT of type MANDT then our table is client dependent and is visible to only that client.

2) But if this Field is not added to the table then we can access the table using any client number.

3) tables which can be access by all user are client independent (no mandt field in table)

4)tables which can be access by some specific user are client dependent (use mandt field in table)

5) client dependent tables have a mandatory field MANDT field.

6) A client-dependent table has the field MANDT of data type CLNT, which indicates Client id.

7) A client-independent table does not have this field.

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