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What can be the Tech design for the following functional points

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Hi All,

What can be the Technical Design preparation for the below Functional Design Points!

<b>1. Search table Z100

Select all records where

Status (Z100-ZSTATUS) = “G”

Date (Z100-ZDATE ) = current month minus 1

Total price (Z100-ZTOTPR) => $5000.

Select Z100-MATNR

List Z100-MATNR and ZTOTPR</b>

<b>2. Then, for each MATNR, list all equipment records where

Equipment type (EQUI-EQTYP) = “S”

List Material (EQUI-MATNR)



Serial Number (EQUI-SERNR)</b>

<b>3. Then compare the equipment record WBS (EQBS-PS_PSP_PNR) to the Contract Line Item WBS (VBAP-PS_PSP_PNR)

From VBAP, select the Sales Document (VBAP-VBELN) and Contract Line Item (VBAP-POSNR)</b>

<b>4. Then compare the Sales Document on VBAP (VBAP-VBELN) to the Sales Document on VBAK (VBAK-VBELN).

From VBAK, select the UID indicator (VBAK-UID) and Contract Number (VBAK-BSTNK).</b>

<b>5. If VBAK-UID is initial, go no further. No entry is required to the table.

If VBAK-UID is not initial;

Create 3 new rows on table Z200</b>

<b>6. Select the UID number EQUI-UIINR

If no record exists in table with UID number, create three new rows in table Z200 populate fields per the following table mapping. The table mapping shows “default” values, or sources in SAP, and parameters if needed. </b>

Can anybody tell me what is the technical design we can write for above finctional design.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,



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The functional design is very detailed and has covered almost the technical part as well. I dont think you need to add anything more. If you need to add anything then it would probably be the Selects statements. But i dont think they are required.

But once you collect the data in internal table, what should be done. Should it be sent to smartform/script or a report output should be displayed. Or are any tables to be updated.If so, then specify the same.

Best regards,