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Want to display data in receipt form in Smartforms

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Hi friends,

I want to display data in receipt form in smartforms....Format is given below:

Name : [fieldname1]

number : [fieldname2] country code : [fieldname3]

n so on....It should display 1 record on one page and so can i go about it....




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As this is the internal table, You have to use a Table node in the smartform.

After putting all the fields insert a Command Node and give 'New-page''.



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thanks ,

but can u give me step by step procedure...coz i treid using table ...but when i execute via report it shows empty data...

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Hi Vijaya,

First, you need to design the lay-out for your pages.

Say for example in your case you take a window XYZ (variable type) to print:-

Name : fieldname1

number : fieldname2 country code : fieldname3

Now you have some amount of data for this detail.

Say you print this data in a table.

After the last node for printing data, insert a command line under the last node (in main area of the table control).

And on the next page use the same MAIN window (or use next page of PAGE1 as PAGE1).

In other way, if you are printing a single record on a page.

Then this can be done by simply taking a loop statement in the main window of the page followed by text-fields (from internal_table into work_area).

Under the loop statement, in these text-fields you can simply print your data (using the work area) :-

Detail 1 : &wa-field_name&

and so on....

After the last detail (node), insert a command line and write 'NEW-PAGE'.

This will break your control on to next page and eventually one records will be printed on a single page.

Hope this solves your problem.

Thanks & Regards.

Tarun Gambhir.