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Wait for Event step in Workflow (Urgent).

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I am unable to implement the wait for event successfully in my workflow..

Sceanrio: I have created a container element in the WF with of type a <b>BOR(ISUPARTNER)</b> whose <b>CREATED</b> event is being waited for in the workflow.

Then in the <b>WAIT FOR EVENT</b> step in WF I m giving putting in the details of the event..

Then putting a send mail after this.

Problem: Now my workflow is throwing error and the send mail task is not executed even after the said event is done in the system..

Plz... suggest as to how to do it..




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Hi Sudipto,

To use the wait for event, the event has to be asynchronous. If your event is synchronous, make it asynchronous. By doing this you are telling the event not to trigger automatically,instead it should wait for an event.

Hope this of of help.


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It is not possible to use Created event in the Wait for Event step. Wait for Event is looking for an event for a specific object instance (object whose key is known when the WI is created for the step). Because the object is not created yet, it cannot be instantiated and the workflow errors.


Ramki Maley.

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Thanks for replying...

Actually the start event for my Workflow is different (suppose <b>Event - e for BOR A</b>) .ie. from a different object.

Now I want a step in workflow to be executed only when another object's CREATED event is triggered (suppose <b>CREATED event for BOR B</b>)...

Now for this I m actually creating a <b>container element of type BOR B</b> in my workflow n putting a step <b>WAIT FOR EVENT</b> in which I m putting the CREATED event. For triggering the CREATED event no instance is required...

Now I m getting errors for the WAIT for EVENT step.

Ya Naveen, my event CREATED is not getting triggered automatically...

I m unable to understand the way out....



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<i>Now for this I m actually creating a container element of type BOR B in my workflow n putting a step WAIT FOR EVENT in which I m putting the CREATED event. For triggering the CREATED event no instance is required...</i>

- Once again, Wait For Event step is only possible when the Object Key is available to the Workflow container when the flow reaches the event (are you waiting for a specific ISUPARTNER to be created or you don't care as long as some ISUPARTNER is created).

<i>my event CREATED is not getting triggered automatically...</i>

- First check if the standard system triggers the event for your object. If not explore different options for doing that.

For your scenario, check if you can trigger a custom event BORB_Created for BORA when BORB is created and use BORA in the Wait step.

Please post future Workflow questions in the Business Process Management forum.


Ramki Maley.

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Hi, Ramki!

I cudn't reply u earlier as was out.

Wait is not for any particular instance. .ie. want my step to start as long as any ISUPARTNER is created.

Moreover I cudn't get as to how one BOR's event can trigger another event in another BOR.

Thanks n Regards,