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w to read the idoc in inbound

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HI Freinds

I am new to idocs...I have created (custom)idoc using stand alone program in outbound.....then what are the next steps in inbound....if we have to create process code in inbound to read idocs and post the inbound...pls any body tel me clearly....


Mani R


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Hi Mani

Please state your question clearly.. Now your program is generating outbound idoc and it will be sent to some other system for processing you have to configure the other R/3 system for inbound idoc....

If you don't need to configure other system and just want to configure your system for inbound also...

so goto we20 ( partner profile setting) and at your partner number ,define message type at inbound parameters and process code. Process code in turn contain function module which subsequently post the application document.But you have to identify which process code you need to use or u want to create it if it doesn't exist already...

with regards


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hi Mandeep ,

thanks for ur reply.... i have to create custom process code then

i goto tcode we42>click new entries>custom process code starts with z*

after that i gave one custom fm ,but custom fm should not accept in identification


what is the reason plz tel me.....



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Hi mani,

You should follow the following steps 1 by 1.

• WE30 - IDOC type creation

• WE31 - Create segment

• WE81 - Message type creation

• WE82 - Link IDOC type to Message type

• SE37 - Create Inbound Function Module

• BD51 - Maintain entry for Function Module

• WE57 - Maintain

• BD57 - Link Function Module, IDOC type and Message type

• WE42 – Create Inbound Process Code

• BD67 - Link Process code to Function Module

• WE20 - Create Partner Profile

• BD64 - Display Distribution Model

• WE02 - IDoc List, Display all Inbound/Outbound IDocs

• WE14 - Outbound Processing of IDoc’s

• BD20 - Inbound Processing of IDoc’s

1st Step: Create a Segment ( WE31)

Segment is a structure for passing data in IDoc. It actually contains the IDoc data, just like the DDIC table/structure. Segment is created with all the required fields. Then Save it. But, to actually use this Segment, you have to Release the Segment, otherwise u can’t use the Segment, by menu, EDIT--> Set Release.

Now, if you want to do some change to this Segment, u cant, unless & until u Cancel the Release, by Edit--> Cancel Release.

2nd Step: Create IDOC Type ( WE30 )

After creating the Segment, now we have to create the IDoc Type. IDOC Type is like an envelop of a letter, which contains the data inside it, & also some more information like address. IDoc type can be Basic Or Extended.

Basic IDoc Type: Using some SAP existing IDOC type (ex. MATMAS) or Custom IDOC type.

Extension IDOC Type: When we need some fields extra to an existing IDOC type, then we can extend that Basic Idoc Type by another Segment. This is called Extended idoc type

3rd Step: Create Message Type (WE81)

Message Type is like the Postman for sending the Letter.

4th Step: Attach Message Type to the IDOC Type (WE82)

5th Step: Create a Function Module (SE37)

Write the Processing logic in a Function Module.

6th Step: Mention the IDOC Type, i.e, 0/1/2 (BD51)

7th Step: Assign the Message Type, IDOC Type & Function Module (WE57)

8th Step: Create a Custom Process Code (WE42)

9th Step: Attach the Function Module to the Process Code (BD67)

10th Step: Execute Inbound IDOC’ s (WE19)

Example Function Module: IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS (Standard FM to create Sales Order).

Reward is helpful,



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Hi Tanmay....

Thanks for your detailed is very helpful answer.....

if u have any book for step by step(ALE)....plz send me.....

thanks &regards

Mani R

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Process Code Tcode : We41 and We42

Go thru "Aravind Nagpal" Idoc book



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Hi Sunil

We have create segment, idoc type, message type and link all....this setting separately for inbound and outbound or common..


Mani R