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VL31N error

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Dear Friends,

I am traing to create the IBD through VL31N with using call transaction but I am getting the below message :

"No receivers found while sending inbox mail".

Whats that mean??? how to resolve it?




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Hi ,

Please find the below steps to resolve your problem.

while creating inbound delivery against the PO receiving plant must create as a customer to maintain the Mail ID in the email tab.

1. Get Customeru2019s address no (KNA1-ADRNR) by passing customer number (LIKP_KUNNR).

2. Verify ADRC-SMTP field for email id maintenance status (ADRC-SMTP=u2019Xu2019 indicates email id is maintained) by passing KNA1-ADRNR.

3. IF ADRC-SMTP = X, get mail IDu2019s from ADR6-SMTP_ADDR field.

4. Send mail to retrieved mail idu2019s.

if we want to achieve we have to configure output medium in Output type accordingly.


Satish Suri

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It seems that, once the inbound delivery is created, it is configured in such a way that, workflow is triggerred and a mail will be sent to either the person who is creating or some approval etc..

May be some kind of initial set up is required for each and every user like assigning the roles and positions in the workflow.

May be you can check like, if delivery is created means, then check the workflow log and check the step of sending the mail.

If you are not able to trace there, then cross check like, create the delivery with another user for whom the initial set up is done properly.