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View cluster : dynamic fields on navigation

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Hi ,

Is it possible that we display dynamic table/structure in a View cluster on navigation, based on the entry selected in the first table control.?

Example : The structure in Folder 2 will vary based on whether the user selects '01' , '02' , '03' or '04'.

Is this feasible? if so, any leads on how his can be achieved?


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It depends what means "the structure in folder 2". I don't get it.

You have a few events (user exits) for View Clusters that you can implement.

Usually, if you have different information, you create several tables at level 2.

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Thanks for your reply, here's what I mean by structure in folder 2 :

When you see in the screenshot that I have attached along with the question, If the user selects the row '01' and selects 'Folder 2' there would be a different table available for EDIT when compared to '02' . '03' or '04'.

1. For example, this are fields that should be for Edit, on selection of '01' in screenshot 1.

2. This is the structure to be made available for Edit on selection of '02'.

so the table is dynamic here as you can notice, This is the requirement.

I am checking for event 03 but unsure which structure needs to be modified.

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I think you cannot do it in a true "dynamic" way (at least with reasonable effort), but you can make a few things that will make your viewcluster behave as if it was such (more or less).

First thing to note is the definition of a viewcluster is static. In SE54 you define its structure: the top most table/view and the entire hierarchy of its subtables/subviews.

So if you want any subtable/subview to appear in a viewcluster screen for a user, each such subtable/subview should be defined in a viewcluster deinition (SE54) as an element of the viewcluster hierarchy.

What you can do - if you don't want all of these subtables/subviews to be always available for a user - is to:

a. Forbid navigation to a specific subtable/subview - based on some conditions;

b. Hide a specific subtable/subview entry in a viewcluster tree panel.

Ad. a.: "forbid navigation" means to reject user's action (possibly display some message too) when the user double clicks on a specific subtable/subview entry in a viewcluster tree - an entry that is not suuposed to be used in context of values present in record selected in the main table/view. You can do it with viewcluster event 03 ("Before Calling View Maint Module for a Subdialog").

Ad. b.: You can make some of entries invisible in a viewcluster tree (by setting VCL_STRUC_TAB-SUPPRESS = 'X') based on some conditions - but I have not tested this within event 03 so not sure if it works there (I used it only with event 02 "After Getting the Database Access Select Conditions").


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Hello Maciej,

Thanks for your inputs. I would like to try the option Ad.(b) as suggested by you.

For now, I have found a solution by hiding fields which were not necessary and displaying only those which were necessary. I have written this in the PBO event of TMG. This solved my problem for now. However, I will try adapting (b) point of your suggestion (by setting VCL_STRUC_TAB-SUPPRESS = 'X).

Thanks a lot.