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very very urgent help needed Distributed environment.

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Hi All,

I want to know more about distributed environment. Typically we do have only one PRODUCTION system like 100.all the day to day business activities in real time will be done in this system. where the question will arise transfering the data from one system to other system using ALE/EDI-IDOCS.

for suppose::::

data between sales organization to warhouse and manufacturing unit to warehouse.

and all invoices will goes to respective company code in FI. then all should be done under the one roof (client). that client is here 100 as PRODUCTION system,as per my knowledge.

i am expecting clear understanding of this scenario from you guys.

like my questions???

1) what is the system?

ANS: warehouse, sales organization,manufacturing unit these all are systems.where we can define in one PRODUCTION system and one client. and these RFC destinations we create like three digit or thru IP address.

2) i want to know about this three digit sytem? whether it will create it within the production system (100)?

3) if it is created within the production client(100) system then what the need of IP address?

4) what is client?

ANS: client is highest hierarchy in the sap production we maintain 100 as a one. but in development systems and other quality systems we maintain like 100,200,300,400,500,,,Etc.according to business requirement.

*********(Please dont say answers like dev syst to quality systems)***********

my thoughts and views i added, i wnat to know clear scenario, within two lines.if it possible?

earliest answer is more appreciable.

warm regards,



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1. Client : A group of users who can Access some portion of data in SAP system Database.

SAP introduced the Client Concept to allow different category of users (Such as Developers , Testers, End users) in the Same SAP BOX (server).

that is why Tables in SAP Database are categorized as Cross-client (shared) and Client-specific.

So a production server can have one or more clients or all users may be on Same client.

2. Distributed processing : Check this Scenario .. that will help..

Customer has a separate SAP Warehouse Management System (WMS) in the R/3 landscape where all R/3 Distribution data are replicated/distributed from R/3 to the WMS system via ALE. For example, Sales Orders are created in R/3 - when they are delivered (Sales document->Deliver) the ALE kicks in and the same Delivery doc is distributed to the WMS system but the Sales order is not distributed. Any subsequent functions for the Delivery like Picking, Packing, Goods Issue, Shipment is then done from the WMS system only so that all distribution specific transactional data are stored and processed from the WMS system.

Again, in order to successfully distribute the delivery documents to the WMS system from R/3 via ALE, a lot of SD master data needs to be distributed prior to these subsequent distribution business processes (like picking, packing, GI etc.). So another set of ALEs are also set up to distribute SD master data via IDocs (within the ALE framework) to the WMS system every time master data is created/changed in the R/3 - for example - Plant, Warehouse, Storage Type, Storage Location, Material Master etc.

For distribution of materials from R/3 to WMS, we use Basic Type/IDoc Type MATMAS05, Message Type MATMAS. We've set up MATMAS05 using ALE Filters on Division, Sales Org., Distribution Channel, Material Type, Storage Location and Plant as we want only specific org data to distribute across WMS.

<b>Reward if helpful.</b>

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Thank you varma,

if you are correct then i can design SAP system in PRD server with no. of clients.

One client (eg:100)for central sytem. and other (eg:200,300,400,500,Etc..)for decentralized systems for warehouse one and sales system one like that etc...

<i><b>YOU REPLIED like:A group of users who can Access some portion of data in SAP system Database.</b></i>

for this issue i can solve by using Transcode <i><b>SU01</b></i>.by maintaining profiles and roles.

if i am wrong update me.

warm regds,


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Your question does not look like "very very urgent".

The issue of using multiple clients in a production environment is much more coplicated than the few items mentioned in this post. A distributed environment does not mean multiple clients are needed - distributed processing means multiple application servers to share the load, not different clients.

I suggest you talk with a competant Basis consultant to get more information on this subject.


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until end of this thread i will production system as PRD.

we are researching and analysing client requirements. we are in to desighning phase and what you have said is absolutely i think wrong.

Application servers are used according to the bussiness scenario.for eg:how many users are at a time they are using the SAP system.for your understanding firm is having different scenarios i am giving my smaal example..

1) 100 users at a time 100:1.i will use 100 presentaion servers and one application server and one database server.

2)1000 users 1000:1. i will increase the one presentation server speed(RAM and PROCESAR) and database server speed(RAM and PROCESAR).

3)more than 1000 then i will use two or three application servers and two or three database servers according to business requirement in increasing servers.

i think this is basic scenario in maintenance of the SAP system.if i will come to my question.

i want to transfer the master data from sap system to other sap system according to ALE scenario.

let me know business scenario like communication between the two is the sales system and the other is the warehouse system.both are using SAP.

give your views.and how can you design the data transfer between these two systems.

warm rgds,


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I agree with previous answer. As you would no doubt know, SAP can help you create the specs for your hardware and assist you in deciding how many servers you need, if you can not do it yourself.

What he said is absolutely right, not wrong. You want ONE production client. Just one.

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I was also saying there should be one client in PRD environment.

i want to know systems in PRD they maintain sales system and warehouse syste. how they make the communication beween two systems thru ALE-IDOCS.



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Actually we will transfer the data from MDM server to production server.All the data which we want to tranfer will be stored in the central server called MDM server.The concept of ALE/IDOC is used to transfer the data from server to server not for tranfering b/w to systems................

Reward points if helpful..........



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i dont think so ALE-IDOC is the communication b/w servers, if you r correct,then how many servers you create and maintain.and ALE-IDOC concept is not a database replication it is application to application data interchange.

warm rgds,