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very urgent: regarding material change standard report

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I had been assigned a work in which i have to display that from this time period 1.12.2007 to 31.12.2007, these are the materials in which these are the changes made by these persons.

can anybody tell me which tables are to be used and fields are to be used.

currently i am looking at the table MSTA .

plzz help me as it is really urgent to me as help will be definately rewarded.

Edited by: ric .s on Jan 18, 2008 5:46 AM


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hi may be you should check the table MARA

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Hi ric,

If a field is changed in any transaction with a new values those changes are recorded in CDHDR and CDPOS tables with the field name, Transaction name and field old and new values, changed by and date etc

So you have to fetch the change data history from those tables passing the

OBJECT CLAS = MATERIAl and the Objectid = Material no and fetch the data from CDHDR first and then for all entries of CDHDR fetch the data from CDPOS and use the data and required fields


Mukesh Kumar

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thanks for ur help what i had done is dat i used tcode MM04 to display the changes for a purticular month and it shows 1 material at a time.

According to you i will be able to see the changes made by a person but i want to display the text also dat dese are the changes made to a purticular material.

i had tried to find out table when i execute MM04 and i found table MSTA AND CDHDR.but when it comes to display of the changes there is no documentation is available.

pplzz help me out as ur help will be defnately rewared again.

Edited by: ric .s on Jan 18, 2008 6:20 AM

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hi ric.,

changes will be done in CDHDR, CDPOS, CDRED tables.

reffer RSSCD100 program.

Reawrd points if useful


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CDRED is a structure as it is not a transparent table,but i want to have the details for the MM04.

plzz help me out as it is rewardful.