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Very simple question.

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I was asked two simple questions.

Can we create data element without a doamin?

Can we create a filed without data delement or domain?

In my project I never encountered a situation where I have to create field without data element or domain.

Since data element defines the technical characteristics and domain describes the label and documentation for the field, I thought they are essenstial while creating field.

Can anyone foucs some light on above question.


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When you define the data element it does not necessarily have to refer to a domain.

It can refer to a built in type or a reference type.

What version of SAP are you on ?

Kind regards


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Sure, in SE11 click the button that says "Data Element/Direct Type". You will notice that the input fields shift a little. You can now enter a data type and length, as well as decimals and the short text.


Rich Heilman

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It is not mandatory to create data elements or domains to a fields, you can as well use the exisiting data elements or domains for the fields.

if you have come across a situation to create a data element or a domain for a field then the following are the steps to follow.

1) in the delivery and maintanence tab strip:

specify, delivery class, and Data Browser.

2)click the technical sttings push button and specify the required fields like, data class, size catagory etc...

3)activate and now enter the fields in the fields tab strip.

if you want to make the table client dependent enter the first field a mandt and data element as mandt.

4) now enter the field name , and according to your specifications check the buttons 'Key' and 'initial values'.

5) enter the new data element name to the field you have ceated or give the exisiting data element name. and double click on the data element name.

6) if you are creating the data element you would be prompted, 'zzzzzz' data element is not created , do you want to create? say yes.

7) you would be sent to a data element screen, here enter short description and domain name. as usual, enter the new domain name to the data element you have ceated or give the exisiting domain name. and double click on the domain name. if you are creating the domain you would be prompted, 'zzzzzz' domain is not created , do you want to create? say yes. it is advisable to have the same name for domain as of data element. it avoids confusion.

😎 in the domain screen enter short description and

data type, no. of charachters and value ranges.

9) activate your domains and data elements, etc.

the basic difference between data element and domain is , A data element is an elementary type. It describes the type attributes (data type, field length and possibly the number of decimal places) and screen information (explanatory text or field help) about unstructured data objects (table fields and structure fields or variables).

Table fields and structure fields with the same contents should refer to the same data element. This ensures that the attributes of these fields are always consistent.

whereas domain describes the technical attributes of a field, such as the data type or the number of positions in a field. The domain defines primarily a value range describing the valid data values for the fields referring to this domain.

Different technical fields of the same type can be combined in a domain. Fields referring to the same domain are changed at the same time when a domain is changed. This ensures the consistency of these fields.

hope you are clear now,