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Vendor Master Upload Problem with Check Box

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Hi All,

I have a problem with Vendor Master Upload program. In one of the screen of XK01 transaction depending upon the PO Box, Postal Code, Other City and Other Region i have to check the PO Box w/o no check Box. So in my program after i check the PO Box, Postal Code, Other City and Other Region values how to write a code that i can check the PO Box w/o no. Or other wise how can i send value to the Po Box w/o no check box. field

Thanks in advance.


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You have to write the BDC field data similar to any other field and the value is 'X' for checked and blank for unchecked.

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while developing conversion program, insted of providing entaire code you work with RECORDING.., transaction code for that one is....SHDB.

by transactional recording SHDB you can create conversion program, for this program system it self peovides around 90% of the logic to develop an provides the logic for both SESSION method and CALL TRANSACTION method..


Ashok reddy

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Thanks for replies. But the problem is during recording i am unable to find the check box. But when i when to xk01 transaction those fields are hidden and when we click extension icon on screen then its displaying the check box and other fields. But during recording i am not getting that extension symbol.

The fields and extended symbol which i am talking are in second screen in xk01 transaction where we provide address for the particular vendor.

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Try to navigate through the menu path if you dont find that extending button.. Record these and write ur program.



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It creates the data at XK01 Transaction and it works like BDC Program.

keep condition whatever you need ,populate those values to FM.



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I tried navigate through the menu path but of no use. i have'nt find the extended buttons in recording.

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I think you have to check the 'Use central address management' box on screen 100.

' ' 'USE_ZAV' 'X'.


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Rob Burbank

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The call to the first screen should look something like:

    perform dynpro
      tables bdcdata
     'X' 'SAPMF02K'     '0105',         "Create Vendor: Initial Screen
      ' ' 'RF02K-BUKRS'             'COCO',
      ' ' 'RF02K-KTOKK'             'YYYY',
      ' ' 'USE_ZAV'                 'X'.

I'm using screen 105, not 100 here.


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problem find out