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Vendor master IDOC segment population ?

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Hi All,

I have to create vendor master idoc and pass it to a third party system.

The fields required by the third party system are from tables lfa1 , lfb1,lfm1. The data required is mapped to segments in idoc

I am using the MASTERIDOC_CREATE_CREMAS FM to generate the idoc.(idoc tyoe :cremas04)

The idoc is created and generated but I can see only the E1LFA1M segment populated with data. No other segments are getting populated , Can anyone tell me why is that so and how it can be solved.



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Please check CREMAS message type, perhaps there is <b>reduced message type</b> or <b>segment filter</b>. Go to transaction code <b>BD53</b> or <b>BD56</b> to find out.

Hope this will help.


Ferry Lianto

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I checked the same. there is no segment filter or reduced mess type for the same.

Any help ?