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Variant Creation

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We execute the pgm, give the necessary values in the selection screen and save that, so that a variant can be created.

Is there any other way to create the variant? I mean any direct way without executing the pgm?


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Please follow these steps:

1. Enter the values in the selection screen

2. Save the variant using the SAVE button

3. In the next screen for the date variable select the 'Selection variable' checkbox (L) and click on the button 'Selection variable' in the toolbar.

4. Now you will see this variable in the next screen with 3 types of buttons. Click on the middle button (ie. D - Dynamic date calculation).

5. Click on the down arrow button and select the option 'Current Date'.

6. Save the variant.



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u told to enter the values in the selection screen........

but my question is how to create a variant without actually executing the pgm, i mean any direct T-code or pgm????????

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Hi Satish,

If the variants for a program are already existing in a development system, u can transport the same without having to create again using report RSTRANSP.


Vishnu Priya

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my question is not about is about creating a new variant without actually executing the given there any pgm for that or any direct T-code or first of all , do we have any procedure at all??

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In the Initial screen of SE38, give the report name for which you want to create variant. By navigating the menu Goto -> Variants, you will find a screen where you can enter a variant name and create it. This again takes you to the selection screen of the report.



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You can create by using tcode "STVARV".

Pls. reward if useful.

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You can create screen variants in SHD0