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validation on user name and password on the initial screen?

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how can i make a report having validation on user name and password on the initial screen?


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Please difine what is the scenario? Are you developing a screen?

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hi ameen tendolkar

yes i want to developing a screen there after there on screen there is two fields name

user id and password how can i validate these two.

regards Dharambir

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Again... WHICH usernames and passwords? The system ones? The logged user one or other user account than the logged one? Why do you need to do it?

If you can accomplish what you are saying, SAP has a big security breach and we must ask our managers to report it...

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Check this code,

   REPORT  ztest.

   PARAMETERS: p_name TYPE char30,
            p_pwd TYPE char30.

    MESSAGE 'Please enter name and password' TYPE 'S' DISPLAY LIKE 'E'.
    MESSAGE 'Please enter name' TYPE 'S' DISPLAY LIKE 'E'.
    MESSAGE 'Please enter password' TYPE 'S' DISPLAY LIKE 'E'.



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If I can understand your question, I will assume you CANNOT. It should be a really big hole in SAP security if you can find a way to check usernames vs passwords.

If you can check the logged user's password, the system does it when the user logs in. It's redundant and useless.

If you want to create a sub-system of users (ie: more than a real user using the same SAP user), I think i breaks the SAP licensing terms.

I think you must to define better your requirements or take this answer.

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Are you a hacker or can you elaborate on your exact requirement ?

(You could try to execute a RFC command on the same system forcing display of login screen, but I will wait for more information on requirement.)



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simply i want to create a report on which there there are two fields having name:- user id,password.

i want to validate these two from the database . and there is a submit button on it after clicking on submit button if the user id and password are correct then go to the next page.

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and.... do  what in next screen?

as every one in this thread asking...can you please provide more details of requirement?

when i already logged in the system , why do you need to validate again?

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Some digital signature/strong user identification without (buying) a tool for this ?

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if you want to use sap logon password and then velidate it from table and then proceed for next screen.

It's not possible using standard password tables (USR04), as password saved in different format.

Else another way you can create your own Module Pool Program (Z-Program) and then check user id and password from your created Z-Table.

and then call next screen as u required.


Ravi Pratap SIngh

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I'm still missing some point... if the user is logged in the system, why to ask for his password again? Just notice you have the user logged in the global variable SY-UNAME. If your users don't take care of their computer access, it's their fault, not yours.

If the user/pwd corresponds to a "sub-system" (ie: a Z-table with those fields), you just need to check that table.

What's your problem/question? What do you need to know? I can find a lot of possible questions from the information you provided (and much more from the one you didn't).

Do you know how to:

- create the screen?

- control its logic? (intro, button pressed...)

- search in a DB table?

- call another screen?

Please, when you write a question in a public forum asking for help, notice people there do NOT know your needs: try to be as detailed as you can, or your threads will become like this one: full of re-questions and zero solutions.

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To access this page you must login with one user from GUI Logon Pad!! Then to go inside this application another user id !! This seems you are trying to use this application for multiple users with a single Dialog user ! It breaks SAP security norms !Such practice should be avoided..

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thanks to all my problem is solved

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Please, take my advice just as it is: an advice.

When you post a message in a forum asking for help you shall:

1- provide enough information about your needs (your environment, your goals, your error messages, your previous work and intents, and so)

2- once a solution is found, post it to help future colleagues to prevent re-posting your question if they know how to use the search facilities.

Glad to see your problem solved,


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This message was moderated.

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As you can see in the discussion where you placed your question, it is NOT a good practice.

Why do you need this, elaborate your requirement.please if you are really serious.

Why can you not use the authorization concept for this ?