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VA05 Additional fields

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Hi all ,

I need to add some additional fields in output display of VA05 .When I execute the T-code VA05 , the output is displayed as an ALV Grid . My requirement is to add 6 additional field to the alv grid display . If anyone has come across a similar requirement or worked on similar case please let me know.




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A little more detail is probably in order. You want to add 6 more fields to the ALv. Now, how do you propose to get the avlues for those fields ? Have you enhanced some standard structures somehwere?

We either have to search for a user-exit (which I'm doubtful) or have to do a MOD. Are you ready for that ?

Please do let us know how you plan to fill the data in these fields.


Anand Mandalika.

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Enhance the VBMTVZ structure and populate those extra fields using subroutine MOVE_USERFIELDS in include V05TZZMO. Check OSS note 350068 for further details. Did this not long time ago.

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Hello Kavitha,

I did add 5 fields to our client , OSS note 350068 (already suggested by Mr.Misnan) is perfect. We tried all other tricks and seetled with thsi note.

Incase you decide to follow the note, Just to caution you

with field T180A-ZUART value to select for each field you are displaying, should be apt else end up with duplicate lines to display:)



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VA05 is missing the "LIST of Sales Orders" menu area. I can not see the Sold to Party xxxx12345.

I can see the the information below that, i.e. PO, doc date, etc. I am not sure what I did to loose this.

I have de-installed and re-installed and the problem remains. I have worked with my teams SAP person

who is baffled too. Any help, suggestions or ideas are greatly welcomed. Thank you, Thad