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VA01 User-exit

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I work on transaction code VA01. I want to fill the following field : VBAPD-ARKTX_G with a concatenation of some data like MARA-LABOR, MARA-MPROF, MARA-BISMT. I activate the field VBAPD-ARKTX_G and it appears on my screen. But I dont' know which user-exit I must use to fill automatically this field with my concatenation.

I try some solution... In debugging my field is filled, but at the end, it's blank !!

Thanks for you help.


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> I work on transaction code VA01. I want to fill the following field : VBAPD-ARKTX_G

VBAPD is a structure and with help of this structure you may fill VBAP table from in include MV45AFZZ in FORM USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP.

Check once is VBAPD can be read in that Form?If yes than fill it in same form and update VBAP.

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I will answer to myself anf to others !!! LOL

In this case, the best solution is to fill XVBAP like that :

MOVE w_arktx_g TO xvbap-arktx_g.

After the standard code will fill the value of xvbap-arktx_g into the correct field.

WARNING : no record is done at the saving of this field. For example, if you open your order in VA02 or VA03, the field which was filled in VA01 will be in blank !!! For having this field filled in VA02 and VA03, you must use the form USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT...